There’s a fox about!

Every now & then our chickens have to cope with a natural predator!

Before anyone starts, yes, llamas are a good deterrent for keeping foxes away, but the chickens have to be in the same field as the llamas. The llamas need to be young males, whose job it is in a herd environment to protect, and female llamas with cria are going to protect their young first and not really care about what happens to the chickens.

We currently have two lots of chooks, one lot free range over about 2 acres, whilst the other lot have a nice 6′ enclosure to stay in that provides some protection from the fox! It’s about 25 square metres and whilst it would be nice to let them out to join the others, we do leave ourselves open to day time attacks.

A couple of weeks ago we lost 3 of our exbatts, who were learning the ropes of free ranging, and Vicki managed to scare the fox away and to drop the cockerel that it had in its mouth & remarkably the cockerel is none the worse for his adventure.

We are very diligent at dusk, making sure that the chooks are safely locked into their coops at night, and so any night time visit is of no concern. It’s the day time visits which are the ones we find hardest to deal with. We don’t want to stop the chooks free ranging & so unfortunately we have to just put up with the odd visit, or do we?

Anyone know of a good way to deal with daytime fox visits?


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