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3 times unlucky this weekend! Breeding llamas isn’t as straightforward as it should be!

We have two stud males, Pepsi who is coming up 13 this year, and whilst with us has produced two great boys, Max & Beau and also young Cola a really good looking young lady – a real Cola sort of colour – and all 3 have great temperaments, quite laid back, just like Pepsi.

We also have Nazca, unproven as yet, and just coming up to his 3rd birthday, and he is such a good looking llama we thought he should be given the chance to to replace Pepsi as Pepsi is coming up to retirement age!

We have 3 girl llamas ready to be mated at the moment, Wispa & Eclair – both about 2 years old and ready to be mated for the first time, and Bella, Beau’s mum, who is one of the star mums of our herd. Wispa & Eclair would be perfect for a visit from Nazca and Pepsi was to come down for a visit with Bella, after all Beau was such a nice young cria, it would be nice to have another just like him!

The weather forecast for North Devon was good this weekend and so our whole weekend was planned around doing what we are all about – breeding llamas – but what a disaster!

Firstly, Pepsi – he has lost his Mojo – he was very lethargic and not at all interested in being halteredĀ  & walked whereas last year he knew what was going to happen and toddled down the lane with great enthusiasm – not this year, he had to be nearly dragged to meet Bella, and whilst Bella snorted and had a loveable spit at him – normal foreplay – he wasn’t the slightest bit interested – poor Bella – spurned! Pepsi ambled back to his field and was much more content getting back to munching grass!

Well, that put a different complexion on our planning for the year – what to do!

Whilst we thought about that it was Nazca’s turn – Wispa was ready – hopefully willing & able – she wasn’t willing – Nazca tried really hard to do what he was supposed to do, Wispa, bless her was not having any of it, so Nazca had to trot back to his field very disillusioned with the whole affair – it is supposed to be easier than that!

That was Saturday!

Having slept on it, we decided today to have a go at the obvious – Bella was willing & Nazca was up for it as well – so Nazca was brought down to meet Bella!

First signs were great – Bella, snorted and had a playful spit – her ears were backĀ  & she was willing – Nazca though thought “I don’t want another fight like yesterday” & ignored her!

Poor Bella – spurned twice!

Nazca though – didn’t care – trotted back to his field to play with his mates!

What next – maybe we need another stud!