We’re going to have an Open Day – please come along! 3rd June!

We have been talking about it for ages & we have finally put a date in our diary!

The weekend of 2-5th June is a long bank holiday weekend and we thought we would do something on the Sunday afternoon! The Monday is the local village Jubilee celebrations with a street party (I’ve heard over 180 people are going to that) and on the Tuesday we are going to have a much smaller gathering in our hamlet – Saturday is a work day, so Sunday – from 2pm until 5pm!

Who wants to come?

We will have our boy llamas on show, Wilbur & Buster will be there haltered and ready to walk you around our grounds, at least some of you, and Beau & Max, our two yearling boys who are in training will be there to meet & greet! Pepsi will be hovering in the background but will still be recuperating but may well wave!

A short walk will bring you to the mums & babies field, although the babies will be last years and will be yearlings, & you’ll be able to wave at the lambs too!

All the little baby pygmy goats will be on show for cuddling & photo opportunities – the youngsters are for sale so a great opportunity to see before you buy! We’ll have soft drink refreshments available & along with a few biscuits and cakes!

Some of the free range chooks will be mingling & Hilda the cat may well put in an appearance too! Pepper & Cookie the dogs will definitely be around!

There is no entrance fee but a donation bucket will be there and all money raised will go to the Chemotherapy Appeal at North Devon Hospital!

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